The Team


FAIRMAN, Herbert Walter:

Field director for The EES at Amara West (since 1937), as well as Sesebi (1936-7). Certificate in Archaeology (Egyptology) by the Institute of Archaeology, Liverpool (1929). He took part in the excavations at Armant (1929-31), and was assistant field director at Amarna (1931-6).


BELL, Ernest David:

Surveyor for The EES at Amara West (since 1937), as well as Sesebi (1936-7). Diploma from the School of Painting, Royal College of Art (1936). He also studied Architecture (1933) and Surveying (1937) at the Royal College of Art.


MACDONALD, John Grant:

Surveyor for the Sir Robert Mond Expedition at Armant and The EES at Amara West.

Peter Fell copia

FELL, Peter Granville:

Photographer for The EES at Amara West.


ABU BAKR, Abu Bakr Ahmed; ABU BAKR, Husein; AWADULLA, Ashur Mohammed; EL BEDAWI, Umbarak Mohammed; HAJAJI, Atitu; KHALIL, Ahmed; KHALIL, Hassan; KHALIL; Husein; KHALIL, Suliman; MAGHEET, Mohammed Ahmed; MUSA, Hassan Mohammed; SAWWAQ, Husein; SHERAIF, Ali Mohammed; SHERAIF, Hassan Mohammed; OMAR, Ahmed Ali; UMBARAK, Ibrahim; UMBARAK, Kassar; UMBARAK, Mahmud:

Qufti team of archaeology workers. Husein Abu Bakr, Ashur Mohammed Awadulla, Umbarak Mohammed Bedawi, Atitu Hajaji, Hassan Khalil, Husein Khalil, Mohammed Ahmed Magheet, Hassan Mohammed Musa, Husein Sawwaq, Ali Mohammed Sheraif, Hassan Mohammed Sheraif, Kassar Umbarak and Mahmud Umbarak worked with the Egypt Exploration Society in previous seasons in Sesebi and Amara West.



Local workers from Delgo, Sai, Kosha and Hamid.


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