The Brick Enclosure

A thick brick wall at the highest part of the town mound encloses an area approximately 100 yards square. The wall is about 15 feet thick. At regular intervals in the north and east walls there are large buttresses, and there are probably buttresses along the west wall. There is no gateway in the east, and we have observed no signs of a gate in the south wall. In the west wall there is a very fine stone gateway. The only cartouches observed were those of Ramesses II.

In the north wall were two gateways. Of these the eastern one forms the entrance to the Temple. The western gate appears to be rather small and has been much damaged. The cartouches, again, are only those of Ramesses II.

The temple stands in the north east corner of this big enclosure. In the narrow space between the east wall of the temple and the east wall of the enclosure were clear signs of a series of very narrow magazines. The whole of the north west section of the enclosure showed signs of large, well built brick walls, houses and rooms: the buildings in this part are certainly houses.

Approximately between the temple and the west gate there appears to be a building whose nature is not clear. Here were found remains of four columns and a number of thick brick walls.


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