This is an online exhibition in the form of a website/blog. It is based on 1930s-40s documentation from The Egypt Exploration Society Lucy Gura Archive related to the archaeological seasons carried out by the society at the site of Amara West.

H.W. Fairman directed a short season of excavations at Amara West in 1937-8, after working at the site of Sesebi, and a longer season in 1938-9. His plans to continue the research at the site were thwarted by the I World War. He directed a new season in 1947-8, finding that the temple had deteriorated in the last 10 years. The following seasons (1938-9, 1939-40) were directed by Peter Lewis Shinnie, due to Fairman’s unavailability, being a Professor at the Manchester University at the time.

New excavations at Amara West, carried out by the British Museum, and directed by Neal Spencer, commenced in 2008. The Amara West research Project is still ongoing and has its own blog.

The online exhibition has been created by Elina Rodriguez-Millan. She is an intern at the Egypt Exploration Society, thanks to the UCL Advances Summer Internship Programme. She is working on the cataloging, research and dissemination of Amara West documentation from The EES Lucy Gura Archive.

If you want to know more about the excavations at Amara West during the 1938-39 season, you can follow the team’s Twitter (@HWFairman @OliveFairman @PeterGFell  @MissJonasEES) and Instagram (@PeterGFell) accounts!


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