AW.PICT.38-39.a233Christmas Day. We worked till midday, and then ferried over with the men for the first part of the celebrations. The morning’s work, however, was by no means unprofitable.

From the northern room of the Sanctuary group (see photograph) came a small and rough statue, the head and shoulders of a ram. The figure is about 44 cm high and has a hole in its head, presumably for the fixing of a headdress. The work also produced quite a good scarab and an amusing and well designed head of a monkey in white faience. All three rooms of this group are filled with sand to about a foot above the floor level (which does not appear to be the same in each room), and then the sand gives way to dirty
occupation debris. AW075From this bottom layer we are finding a variety of small objects: beads, gold foil, many bronze nails and a small mortar and pestle.

The narrow room to the south proves to be a stairway up to the roof of the Temple. We noticed, also, that there are some inscribed stones built into the middle of the walls of these rooms and one loose block bore the name of Sethos I.

To-morrow, Boxing Day, there will be no field work. We will hold our traditional games for the men and boys on the work, and for most of the village as well, so it seems.

H.W. Fairman

Object cards of the objects found on the day