In the First Court we reached a row of columns running across the court from north to south yesterday. As the decorative scheme on them is different from those hitherto exposed, I think there can be no doubt that they mark the end of the First Court and the beginning of the Hypostyle. All these columns have mud built up round their bases, but it is not yet certain whether it forms a continuous wall or is merely a support for the lower parts of the columns. It will be necessary to wait a few days before proceeding with the clearance of the Hypostyle, for two reasons: first, the debris in the Hypostyle is at least 9 or 10 feet thick above the first level we can find, it is full of enormous blocks of stone, and it is impossible and dangerous to work there until the surface has been clear somewhat; secondly, we cannot hope to get the Temple clean or to keep it clean as long as the area to the north of Temple remains unexcavated, already the sand has reburied our last few days’ work several inches.

Some of the men were moved and are clearing the area north of the First Court, and have begun to expose a few walls. Other men are engaged in breaking up and removing the bigger blocks that litter the surface over the Hypostyle.

AWPICT026To the north of the First Court lies a small chapel, to which access is gained by a gate in the north wall of the court (see photograph). We have commenced to clear this chapel. Between it and the First Court a small ante-chamber has been formed by the addition of two small stone walls. These were added after the decoration of the exterior of the chapel and temple had been completed, for the walls are built against the reliefs. However, the additional walls, and the chapel and the exterior of the Temple were all decorated by Ramesses II, for his cartouches are upon all of them blocked with brick, and from the souther one we obtained two thirds of a private stela (77 cm high) of no great importance.

South of the Temple (in E.14.1) we are gradually beginning to see our way more clearly. Parallel with the south wall of the Temple is a broad street or passage, and between this and the street that runs eastwards fron the West Gate are a number of small rooms.

H.W. Fairman


Stela found at the chapel

Object cards of the objects found