Steady progress is being made in the First Court, and as the Hypostyle Hall is approached the debris becomes deeper. Many of the columns are not composed of complete drums or even half drums, but are made up of rectangular blocks of stone and the irregularities were filled up with odd pieces of stone or with plaster. Some of these blocks are clearly re-used, and on one we noticed the cartouche of Ramesses II, though his name is also on the columns proper.

AWPICT025Yesterday, the blocking of the West Gate was brushed and examined, and the outer one has already been removed. The central and inner blockings (see photograph), however, are but the last stages in a double process, the first stage being the deliberate narrowing of the gate by means of a thick brick jamb on the southern side.

The work in the Forecourt pursues its normal course. The low lying floor will, I think, prove to be rather a level of accumulation than an actual occupation floor.  In places it is missing and here we have found either the stone flooring, or holes in the floor. Tests show that below the floor level is an unknown depth of debris, even the foundations of the columns being built on debris. I feel this is an almost impossible state of affairs if the Temple is the first construction on the spot, and I think it is very likely that we will find indications of the existence of an earlier temple or buildings below the present one.

In the town the men continue to work in E.14.1. At present all that can be said is that we are working in rooms which are well built and equipped with stone door jambs. A small scarab was found here to-day.

H.W. Fairman

Object cards of the objects found